Tax advisory might be provided as a single consultation or as a part of comprehensive accounting and tax services provided in case of permanent cooperation to our long-term clients.

The main advantage of such permanent cooperation is that we can eliminate negative impacts resulting from client’s accounting and tax-related history when compared to single consultation. What is more, long-term cooperation gives us a chance of continuous consultations with our clients regarding tax implications resulting from their business contracts, accounting operations, life-situations and from other obligations connected with tax advisory.
In addition to these services, we review all accounting operations from the tax perspective and always look for the most optimal tax solutions.

Our clients are regularly informed about any significant changes and are provided news relating to their business immediately.

  • We also provide the tax supervision and processing of tax returns for those clients who dispose of their own accounting department,
  • We represent our clients during state administration controls and prepare tax registrations,
  • Our company provides consultancy services to Slovak branches in a limited range too,

In accordance with the requirements of our clients, we process all tax returns:

  • corporate income tax return,
  • personal income tax return
  • value added tax return incl. all related returns and obligations,
  • road tax return,
  • tax from immovable properties,
  • tax on acquisition of immovable property.