Accounting and tax record services are mostly provided in the premises of our company. The only task of our client is to deliver the accounting and related documents to our office.

Potential discrepancies resulting from the accounting are consulted with our senior accountants as well as with the client. This consultation service is a common part of our comprehensive accounting services.

  • Simultaneously with regular monitoring of accounting client´s operations, any situations resulting from accounting are continuously solved with our client.
  • Output accounting reports are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Beyond the legal obligations, our company prepares perpetual inventory of balance sheet accounts for our clients periodically – this means, that we are able to inform our clients about their financial situation almost immediately.
  • Tau Praha Ltd. also processes reports for banks, intrastat, Czech Statistical Office. Auditing services are provided by our cooperating auditing company for those clients who are legally obliged to have their financial statements audited.
  • Our company also provides substitutability of our accountants. Regardless of our employee´s sickness or vacation, accounting books are always available for clients.
    Tau Praha Ltd. also provides accounting services to non-profit organizations and reconstructions of accounting.
  • We offer supervision of accounting operations by our senior staff directly at client’s premises for clients with their own accounting department.